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Modern Dancer

My goal is to deliver a unique personal training experience that goes beyond the traditional idea of fitness and exercise. A powerful training practice creates a positive shift in all aspects of health. I stress the importance of balancing activity, rest, nutrition, work, and play.


The bodymind is the most powerful technology available, and we realize our capabilities through practice and training. Approaching each exercise, or movement, with the knowledge that you are programing patterns into your neuromuscular system, gives your physical practices more meaning and significance.


We will work together on your strength and mobility while also improving the internal lines of communication necessary for balance and coordination. The science of training utilizes the adaptive quality of our nervous system to shape and hone our bodymind technology. 

Training isn’t just about muscles, but how we program ourselves to move through the world.



In a typical 40 min session, I focus on mindset, strength training, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness according to the needs and goals of my clients.

Online Training allows you to work with me remotely. Starting off with an assessment via video conference, you’ll work your way through a customized program developed with your body and goals in mind. 

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Join our fitness program to get energized and feel rejuvenated.

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