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Wellbeing Is Our Passion!
See What People are Saying about Kahoutek Coaching:

John Allen.jpg

"I loved working with Titus.  With Titus you get someone who has vast knowledge about psychology, language, physiology and movement.  Titus blends these aspects into every session, which leaves me wanting to learn more. Titus has a natural ability to teach and connect with people. 


Not only does he guide your physical movement, he connects the movement with psychology and physiology in an inspirational way.  For example, rather than just cranking out some push ups, he asks “Why are you doing push ups?”  With a new focus of “I am doing this to be healthy and strong”, I get a greater sense of purpose which results in a more intentional session and I work harder.


I have had other trainers and coaches before, but they have not had as much of a lasting impact on me.  When I am challenged with a specific movement or begun to doubt my abilities, I think back to things Titus would say to me in those moments and I could re-center and challenge myself to keep going."

- John Allen,

  Project Manager (Google)


"Mind, body and soul. Twice a week for almost twenty years, Titus reminds me that everything is connected. His approach to functional fitness helps me to integrate all aspects of my life. As an attorney and a social justice activist, I spend most of my time in my head. One of the best things I have learned from Titus is why I need to stay fit. It’s non-negotiable, and not just about physical strength- it’s to enhance my connection with my purpose and my life’s goals. I’ve learned that daily movement keeps me focused and energized so that I can create much needed change in the world.


My work with Titus has been so meaningful and life-changing that I have offered his services to members of my team at work. The response has been overwhelming. My team members not only benefit from Titus’s fitness coaching, but he supports them as an executive coach as well.  Our team is more energetic and focused, and this creates more commitment to the work, the team, and our clients."


- Amanda DuBois,


Shawn Redman.png


Marketing Director (Zulily)

"Through my work with Titus, I came to better understand and love myself. In turn, I have a deeper engagement with others. My days seem longer and life is richer following the work we did together. I embrace the power within me. It is ironic that I embarked on my journey with Titus having a goal of finding a new career when in actuality, I found myself in the process."

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 2.29.40 PM.jpeg

Justin Blaney

Bestselling Author, Professor, and Serial Entrepreneur

"I have been working with Titus for a year and have experienced immense transformation in my life due to his influence. Despite being a lifelong devotee to self-improvement, I’ve learned about the connection between my physical body, emotions and mental state that I previously didn’t come remotely close to understanding. Titus has inspired me to live more holistically, to overcome the increasing challenges of life that come with growing success, to understand my relationship with myself and those in my life with greater strength, and to challenge myself in ways I believe I wouldn’t have found possible without his influence. I met Titus through a few friends who are at the top of their game, and I’ve also recommended many of my friends to work with him. If you’re looking to take your life, mental state and body to the next level, and if you’re committed to putting in the work with an open mind and heart, I wholeheartedly endorse him as a professional who can take you there."


Danny Reade

CEO of Asperger Experts and Wander Rock

I have been coaching with Titus now for over a decade and his wise advice and perspective have been instrumental in getting me to where I am now in life.


His perspective is uniquely grounded and I highly suggest hiring him.”

matt wagner attorney.jpeg



"I’ve been working with Titus for more than 10 years and he is a great coach. His sessions are 'training' in a true sense—teaching the mind and body how to adapt, stay in balance, and develop lasting resilience. These skills help me perform at my best, whether I’m running a half-marathon or maintaining focus through stressful periods at work. And it’s a lot of fun working with him!“

Orlany Perez.jpg


Marketing Director

"All you need is one person for your life to change. One person that speaks to you with truth and love. One person to see you in your highest state. One person to elevate you mind, body and soul. One person to believe so much in your dreams and aspirations that you start believing it too. Titus has been a key advisor on my path, and I have so much appreciation and gratitude for him because he helped me find myself when I felt lost. As a leader and change agent in this world, I believe having an advisor like Titus in your counsel is imperative if your goal is to live a fulfilling life."

Regina Lionheart.jpg


Data Scientist

"I started working with Titus Kahoutek in 2019, on the recommendation of a good friend. What I have found to be the best part of my journey with Titus is the personalized, transformational approach to physical fitness and lifestyle. Over the past few years, my time with him has dissolved the fabricated boundaries between the strength of the body and the mind. I came to Titus just looking to build the endurance to bike 100 miles, and two years later I have an entirely new view of what it means to be healthy. As a bonus, I have also shed chronic pain along the way."




"I have been training with Titus for seventeen years. That’s a big chunk in my life. The exciting thing to me is that during that time I have gotten much stronger and much more agile than I was two decades ago. Titus has an amazing knowledge and understanding about how the body and mind work. And he is stunningly intuitive. He, on a regular basis, points out to me things about myself that I didn’t realize. His knowledge and intuition have worked in synch to have a huge impact on my life. Titus has helped me not only to become stronger physically but has become attuned to my emotional issues and has made an impact supporting my emotional growth. He has impeccable integrity and speaks the truth even when it’s uncomfortable to be heard. I consider my relationship with Titus to have been and to continue to be formative, positive, and valuable."

Ruth McKeon.jpg



"One of the most significant and important characteristics Titus encompasses is kindness. He understands the challenges of working on difficult things, and his kind encouragement is what makes him entirely reachable and easy to work with and be around.  He is fun, nice, and completely real and non-judgmental. It is a joy to collaborate and work with Titus!"

Total Transformation in 3 Months

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