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Learn to expand your awareness and gain new insights on persistent challenges, using your body’s natural abilities to your advantage. Our sensations and perceptions are powerful tools. Through coaching and practice you will discover ways to put these tools to best use. 


The feelings often labeled as anxiety can be transformed into our most valuable assets when we put them in a new context with new understanding. Deep coaching and embodiment practices help ground and organize sensations, attention, awareness, and story.



Although results vary from person to person, possible outcomes include:

• Improving personal and professional relationships

• Clearly identifying next steps towards a goal

• Gaining a deeper level of self-awareness 

• Developing a broader range of emotional flexibility and agility

• Regaining alignment with your purpose 

• Articulating your needs more effectively

• Finding a more substantial leadership presence

• Engaging in effective coordinated action with others



Through dedication and practice we reach our goals, but it's a lot easier when you have support

• Work with Titus on a weekly or monthly basis in a one-on-one online coaching setting to really get clear about your personal goals and work toward becoming your strongest and best self.

"Being a Coach is a sacred position and lifelong calling for me. When I was young and playing sports, I was blessed with Coaches that saw more in me than I felt in myself. They encouraged me to reach beyond my insecurities and realize what was possible through effort and commitment. They taught me how powerful it is when someone believes in you, and I always wanted to support others the same way." - Titus



Your sensations and perceptions are powerful tools.

Coaching centers on learning to expand awareness and use your body’s natural abilities to an advantage. Through coaching and practice you will discover ways to put these tools to best use. 

"As a profession, Coaching is something I take seriously. Maybe the one thing I take most seriously in life. As I said, it is sacred to me. Being invited to work with people through the complexities and challenges in life and business is an honor. Witnessing my clients discover the power in their bodymind and story is amazing. Working with people who enjoy the process of self-discovery, transformation and playing the infinite game of life inspires me daily."

    - Titus

We create and reveal the path together, but you must
walk down it in order to gain the benefit.



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